Sunday, July 25

Time Tutorials
9:00–11:30 Moulay A. Barkatou (Limoges University, France):
Symbolic Methods for Solving Systems of Linear Ordinary Differential Equations
11:30–13:00 Lunch Break
13:00–15:30 Jürgen Gerhard (Maplesoft, Canada):
Asymptotically Fast Algorithms for Modern Computer Algebra
15:30–15:45 Coffee Break
15:45–18:15 Gregor Kemper (Technische Universität München, Germany):
Algorithmic Invariant Theory
18:30–22:00 Reception

Monday, July 26

9:00–9:30 Opening
9:30–10:30 Ashish Tiwari (SRI International, USA):
Theory of Reals for Verification and Synthesis of Hybrid Dynamical Systems
10:30–11:00 Coffee Break
Time 1A Gröbner Bases
Chair: Jean-Charles Faugère
1B Differential Equations
Chair: Elizabeth Mansfield
11:00–11:25 Shuhong Gao, Yinhua Guan and Frank Volny:
A New Incremental Algorithm for Computing Groebner Bases
Mark van Hoeij and Quan Yuan:
Finding all Bessel Type Solutions for Linear Differential Equations with Rational Function Coefficients
11:25–11:50 Ernst W. Mayr and Stephan Ritscher:
Degree Bounds for Gröbner Bases of Low-dimensional Polynomial Ideals
Moulay Barkatou, Carole El Bacha and Eckhard Pflügel:
Simultaneously Row- and Column-Reduced Higher-Order Linear Differential Systems
11:50–12:15 Deepak Kapur, Yao Sun and Dingkang Wang:
A New Algorithm for Computing Comprehensive Groebner Systems
Vladimir Gerdt and Daniel Robertz:
Consistency of Finite Difference Approximations for Linear PDE Systems and Its Algorithmic Verification
12:15–13:30 Lunch Break
13:30–14:00 Jürgen Gerhard: New Features in Maple 14
Time 2A CAD and Quantifiers
Chair: James Davenport
2B Differential Algebra I
Chair: Ziming Li
14:00–14:25 Adam Strzebonski:
Computation with Semialgebraic Sets Represented by Cylindrical Algebraic Formulas
François Lemaire and Asli Ürgüplü:
A Method for Semi-Rectifying Algebraic and Differential Systems using Scaling type Lie Point Symmetries with Linear Algebra
14:25–14:50 Christopher Brown and Adam Strzebonski:
Black-Box/White-Box Simplification and Applications to Quantifier Elimination
Dima Grigoriev and Fritz Schwarz:
Absolute Factoring of Non-holonomic Ideals in the Plane
14:50–15:15 Thomas Sturm and Christoph Zengler:
Parametric Quantified SAT Solving
Christine Berkesch and Anton Leykin:
Algorithms for Bernstein-Sato Polynomials and Multiplier Ideals
15:15–15:45 Coffee Break, Poster Session
Time Software Presentations A Software Presentations B
15:45–16:05 Alexander Konovalov, The SCIEnce project:
Symbolic Computation Software Composability Protocol and Its Implementation.
(pdf abstract)
Mohamed Barakat and Markus Lange-Hegermann:
LOCALIZERINGFORHOMALG: Localize Commutative Rings at Maximal Ideals
(pdf abstract)
16:05–16:25 Kevin Hammond, The SCIEnce project:
SymGrid-Par: Parallel Orchestration of Symbolic Computation Systems
(pdf abstract)
Burcin Erocal:
Summation in Finite Terms using Sage
(pdf abstract)
16:25–16:45 Jan Verschelde:
Polynomial Homotopy Continuation with PHCpack
(pdf abstract)
Felix Effenberger and Jonathan Spreer:
simpcomp - A GAP Toolbox for Simplicial Complexes
(pdf abstract)
16:45–17:05 Michael Monagan and Roman Pearce:
Sparse Polynomial Multiplication and Division in Maple 14
(pdf abstract)
Madalina Hodorog, Bernard Mourrain, and Josef Schicho:
GENOM3CK - A Library for Genus Computation of Plane Complex Algebraic Curves Using Knot Theory
(pdf abstract)
17:05–17:25 Mickaël Gastineau and Jacques Laskar:
TRIP - a computer algebra system dedicated to celestial mechanics and perturbation series
(pdf abstract)
Yongjae Cha, Mark van Hoeij, and Giles Levy:
Solving Linear Recurrence Equations
(pdf abstract)
17:30- ISSAC Business meeting
afterwards SIGSAM Business meeting

Tuesday, July 27

Time 3A Polynomial Algebra
Chair: Wayne Eberly
3B Seminumerical Techniques
Chair: Jean-Guillaume Dumas
9:00–9:25 Feng Guo, Mohab Safey El Din and Lihong Zhi:
Global Optimization of Polynomials Using Generalized Critical Values and Sums of Squares
Marc Mezzarobba:
NumGfun: a Package for Numerical and Analytic Computation with D-finite Functions
9:25–9:50 Bjarke Hammersholt Roune:
A Slice Algorithm for Corners and Hilbert-Poincaré Series of Monomial Ideals
Nicolas Brisebarre and Mioara Joldes:
Chebyshev Interpolation Polynomial-based Tools for Rigorous Computing
9:50–10:15 Joachim von zur Gathen, Mark Giesbrecht and Konstantin Ziegler:
Composition Collisions and Projective Polynomials
Zijia Li, Zhengfeng Yang and Lihong Zhi:
Blind Image Deconvolution via Fast Approximate GCD
10:15–10:40 Jean-Charles Faugère, Joachim von zur Gathen and Ludovic Perret:
Decomposition of Multivariate Polynomials
David Sevilla and Daniel Wachsmuth:
Polynomial Integration on Regions Defined by a Triangle and a Conic
10:40–11:15 Coffee Break, Poster Session
11:15–12:15 Siegfried M. Rump (Hamburg University of Technology, Germany & Waseda University, Japan):
Verification Methods: Rigorous Results Using Floating-Point Arithmetic
12:15–13:30 Lunch Break
13:30–14:00 Wolfram Decker:
Algorithmic and Experimental Methods in Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory – a new Priority Programme of the German Research Council
Time 4A Geometry
Chair: Chris Brown
4B Differential Algebra II
Chair: Moulay Barkatou
14:00–14:25 Xiaoran Shi and Falai Chen:
Computing the Singularities of Rational Space Curves
Manuel Kauers and Veronika Pillwein:
When Can We Detect That a p-Finite Sequence Is Positive?
14:25–14:50 Frank Sottile, Ravi Vakil and Jan Verschelde:
Solving Schubert Problems with Littlewood-Richardson Homotopies
Alin Bostan, Shaoshi Chen, Frédéric Chyzak and Ziming Li:
Complexity of Creative Telescoping for Bivariate Rational Functions
14:50–15:15 Changbo Chen, James H. Davenport, John P. May, Marc Moreno Maza, Bican Xia and Rong Xiao:
Triangular Decomposition of Semi-Algebraic Systems
Manuel Kauers and Carsten Schneider:
Partial Denominator Bounds for Partial Linear Difference Equations
15:30 Excursion
19:00 Banquet

Wednesday, July 28

Time 5A Polynomial Roots and Solving
Chair: Lihong Zhi
5B Theory and Applications
Chair: Stephen Watt
9:00–9:25 Victor Y. Pan and Ai-Long Zheng:
Real and Complex Polynomial Root-finding with Eigen-solving and Preprocessing
Costanza Conti, Luca Gemignani and Lucia Romani:
Solving Bezout-Like Polynomial Equations for the Design of Interpolatory Subdivision Schemes
9:25–9:50 Sharon Hutton, Erich Kaltofen and Lihong Zhi:
Computing the Radius of Positive Semidefiniteness of a Multivariate Real Polynomial Via a Dual of Seidenberg’s Method
Jean-Charles Faugère, Mohab Safey El Din and Pierre-Jean Spaenlehauer:
Computing Loci of Rank Defects of Linear Matrices using Gröbner Bases and Applications to Cryptology
9:50–10:15 Ioannis Z. Emiris, Andre Galligo and Elias Tsigaridas:
Random Polynomials and Expected Complexity of Bisection Methods for Real Solving
Majid Khonji, Clement Pernet, Jean-Louis Roch, Thomas Roche and Thomas Stalinski:
Output-Sensitive Decoding for Redundant Residue Systems
10:15–10:40 Ioannis Z. Emiris, Bernard Mourrain and Elias Tsigaridas:
The DMM Bound: Multivariate (Aggregate) Separation Bounds
10:40–11:15 Coffee Break
11:15–12:15 Evelyne Hubert (INRIA Sophia Antipolis, France):
Algebraic Invariants and their Differential Algebras
12:15–14:00 Lunch Break
Time 6A Linear Algebra
Chair: Alin Bostan
6B Linear Recurrences and Difference Equations
Chair: Ekaterina Shemyakova
14:00–14:25 Marco Bodrato:
A Strassen-like Matrix Multiplication Suited for Squaring and Higher Power Computation
Mark van Hoeij and Giles Levy:
Liouvillian Solutions of Irreducible Second Order Linear Difference Equations
14:25–14:50 Claude-Pierre Jeannerod and Christophe Mouilleron:
Computing Specified Generators of Structured Matrix Inverses
Yongjae Cha, Mark van Hoeij and Giles Levy:
Solving Recurrence Relations using Local Invariants
14:50–15:15 Wayne Eberly:
Yet Another Block Lanczos Algorithm: How to Simplify the Computation and Reduce Reliance on Preconditioners in the Small Field Case
Sergei Abramov:
On Some Decidable and Undecidable Problems Related to q-Difference Equations With Parameters
15:15–15:45 Coffee Break
Time 7A Arithmetic
Chair: Èric Schost
7B Software Systems
Chair: B. David Saunders
15:45–16:10 Alberto Zanoni:
Iterative Toom-Cook Methods For Very Unbalanced Long Integer Multiplication
Kevin Hammond, Peter Horn, Alexander Konovalov, Steve Linton, Dan Roozemond, Abdallah Al Zain and Phil Trinder:
Easy Composition of Symbolic Computation Software: A New Lingua Franca for Symbolic Computation
16:10–16:35 David Harvey and Daniel S. Roche:
An in-place Truncated Fourier Transform and Applications to Polynomial Multiplication
Karl Rupp:
Symbolic Integration At Compile Time In Finite Element Methods
16:35–17:00 Martín Avendaño, Ashraf Ibrahim, J. Maurice Rojas and Korben Rusek:
Randomized NP-Completeness for for p-adic Rational Roots of Sparse Polynomials in One Variable
Vlad Slavici, Xin Dong, Daniel Kunkle and Gene Cooperman:
Fast Multiplication of Large Permutations for Disk, Flash Memory and RAM
17:30 Closing