You may find the Call for Posters here.

The following posters are accepted to be exhibited at the ISSAC Conference:

  1. Christian Hellström: VarInt: Variational Integrator Design with Maple
  2. Felix Antritter and Johannes Middeke: An Efficient Algorithm for Checking Hyper-Regularity of Matrices
  3. Sonia Rueda: Linear Differential Implicitization and Differential Resultants
  4. Thomas Bachler, Vladimir Gerdt, Markus Lange-Hegermann, Wilhelm Plesken and Daniel Robertz: Thomas Decomposition and its Applications
  5. Dennis Arnon: A Product Information Management System as a Workbench for Quantifier Elimination computations with QEPCAD
  6. Grischa Studzinski: Computation of Dimensions of non-commutative Algebras
  7. Hiroshi Sekigawa and Kiyoshi Shirayanagi: Solvability of Bivariate Polynomial Systems under Perturbation
  8. Yannick Saouter and Gerald Le Mestre: A FPGA implementation of Chen's algorithm
  9. Yannick Saouter: Heuristics for Cannon's algorithm with an application to Lyons sporadic group
  10. Nalina Phisanbut, Russell Bradford and James Davenport: Geometry of Branch Cuts
  11. Tateaki Sasaki and Fujio Kako: Computing Floating-point Groebner Bases Accurately
  12. Isabel Bermejo and Ignacio Garcia Marco: An algorithm for checking whether a simplicial toric ideal is a complete intersection
  13. Johannes Bluemlein, Sebastian Klein, Carsten Schneider and Flavia Stan: A Symbolic Summation Approach to Feynman Integral Calculus
  14. Anja Korporal, Georg Regensburger and Markus Rosenkranz: A MAPLE Package for Integro-Differential Operators and Boundary Problems
  15. Shuichi Moritsugu: Radius Computation for an Inscribed Pentagon in "Sanpou-Hakki" (1690)
  16. Viktor Levandovskyy: Non-commutative Subsystems of SINGULAR
  17. Charles-Eric Drevet, Md. Nazrul Islam and Eric Schost: Optimization Techniques for Small Matrix Multiplication
  18. Seyed Mohammad Mahdi Javadi and Michael Monagan: On Sparse Interpolation over Finite Fields
  19. Annie Cuyt and Wen-shin Lee: Sparse Trigonometric Interpolation
  20. Karen Kohl: An Implementation of the Method of Brackets for Symbolic Integration
  21. Jae Hee Lee: Cylindrical Algebraic Decomposition for Reasoning about Qualitative Spatial Knowledge
  22. Albert Heinle and Viktor Levandovskyy: Factorization of polynomials in Z-graded skew polynomial rings
  23. Luca De Feo and Éric Schost: transalpyne: a language for automatic transposition
  24. Hiroshi Murakami: Sturm Root Counting using Chebyshev Expansion
  25. Akira Terui: GPGCD, an Iterative Method for Calculating Approximate GCD, for Multiple Univariate Polynomials
  26. Andrew Arnold: A fast, recursive algorithm for computing cyclotomic polynomials
  27. Burcin Erocal and Arne Storjohann: Nullspace computation over rational function fields for symbolic summation
  28. Éric Schost, Marc Moreno Maza, Adrien Poteaux and Xavier Dahan: Almost-linear time operations with triangular sets
  29. Muhammad Foizul Islam Chowdhury, Marc Moreno Maza, Wei Pan and Éric Schost: Complexity and Performance Results for Non FFT-Based Univariate Polynomial Multiplication
  30. Sardar Haque, Shahadat Hossain and Marc Moreno Maza: Cache Friendly Sparse Matrix-vector Multiplication
  31. Changbo Chen, Marc Moreno Maza and Yuzhen Xie: Cache Complexity and Multicore Implementation for Univariate Real Root Isolation
  32. Dana Schlomiuk and Nicolae Vulpe: Invariants and Symbolic Calculations in the Theory of Quadratic Differential Systems
  33. Ekaterina Shemyakova: Extended Abstract X- and Y-invariants for Darboux Transformations