Poster Presentations

List of Accepted Poster Presentations

  1. Shayea Aldossari and Mark van Hoeij.
    Methods for Simplifying Differential Equations.
  2. Shaoshi Chen and Jing Guo.
    Additive Ore--Sato Theorem.
  3. Boming Chi and Akira Terui.
    The GPGCD Algorithm with the Bezout Matrix.
  4. Mawunyo Kofi Darkey-Mensah and Przemysław Koprowski.
    Intrinsic factorization of ideals in Dedekind domains.
  5. Hao Du, Jing Guo and Ziming Li.
    An Additive Decomposition in Multiple Logarithmic Extensions.
  6. Jesse Elliott and Eric Schost.
    Bit complexity for critical point computation in smooth and compact hypersurfaces.
  7. Marijn Heule, Manuel Kauers and Martina Seidl.
    A family of schemes for multiplying 3x3 matrices with 23 coefficient multiplications.
  8. Bo Huang and Wei Niu.
    Algebraic Approach to Chaos Induced by Snapback Repeller.
  9. Manuel Kauers and Thibaut Verron.
    Why You Should Remove Zeros From Data Before Guessing.
  10. Kazuki Kondo and Hiroshi Sekigawa.
    Robust computation methods for sparse interpolation of multivariate polynomials.
  11. Jiang Liu.
    Block Distance Invariant Method for Monoterm Canonicalization of Riemann Tensor Plynomials.
  12. Akshar Nair, James Davenport, Gregory Sankaran and Scott McCallum.
    Lazard’s CAD Exploiting Equality Constraints.
  13. Garrett Paluck and Michael Monagan.
    New Bivariate Hensel lifting algorithm for n factors.
  14. Patricia Pascual-Ortigosa, Eduardo Saenz-De-Cabezon and Henry Wynn. Algebraic Algorithms for the Reliability Analysis of Multi-state k-out-of-n Systems.
  15. Leili Rafiee Sevyeri and Robert Corless. Approximate GCD in Bernstein basis.
  16. Yi Zhou and Mark van Hoeij. Fast Algorithm for Factoring Difference Operators.

The accepted poster/software abstracts will be published in an upcoming issue of the ACM SIGSAM Communications in Computer Algebra (CCA).