Full Papers

List of Accepted Papers

  1. Stavros Kousidis.
    Krawtchouk polynomials and quadratic semi-regular sequences
  2. Shaoshi Chen, Lixin Du and Chaochao Zhu.
    Existence Problem of Telescopers for Rational Functions in Three Variables: the Mixed Cases
  3. Pei Huang, Minghao Liu, Cunjing Ge, Feifei Ma and Jian Zhang.
    Investigating the Existence of Orthogonal Golf Designs via Satisfiability Testing
  4. Ashish Dwivedi, Rajat Mittal and Nitin Saxena.
    Efficiently factoring polynomials modulo $p^4$
  5. Bo Huang and Chee Yap.
    An Algorithmic Approach to Limit Cycles of Nonlinear Differential Systems: the Averaging Method Revisited
  6. Kisun Lee, Anton Leykin and Michael Burr.
    Effective certification of approximate solutions to systems of equations involving analytic functions
  7. Taihei Oki.
    Improved Structural Methods for Nonlinear Differential-Algebraic Equations via Combinatorial Relaxation
  8. Jin-San Cheng and Junyi Wen.
    Certified Numerical Real Root Isolation for Bivariate Polynomial Systems
  9. Renzhang Liu and Yanbin Pan.
    Computing Hermite Normal Form Faster via Solving System of Linear Equations
  10. Elisabeth Gaar, Daniel Krenn, Susan Margulies and Angelika Wiegele.
    An Optimization-Based Sum-of-Squares Approach to Vizing's Conjecture
  11. Manuel Eberl.
    Verified Real Asymptotics in Isabelle/HOL
  12. Xiaoxian Tang, Timo Wolff and Rukai Zhao.
    A New Method for Computing Elimination Ideals of Likelihood Equations
  13. Michael Monagan.
    Linear Hensel Lifting for Fp[x,y] and Z[x] with Cubic Cost
  14. Tao Zheng and Bican Xia.
    An Effective Framework for Constructing Exponent Lattice Basis of Nonzero Algebraic Numbers
  15. Jean-Guillaume Dumas, Joris van der Hoeven, Clément Pernet and Daniel Roche.
    LU factorization with errors
  16. Thierry Combot.
    Symbolic integration of hyperexponential 1-forms
  17. Moulay Barkatou, Thomas Cluzeau and Ali El Hajj.
    Simple forms and rational solutions of pseudo-linear systems
  18. Erick David Rodriguez Bazan and Evelyne Hubert.
    Symmetry Preserving Interpolation
  19. Matías R. Bender, Jean-Charles Faugère and Elias Tsigaridas.
    Gröbner Basis over Semigroup Algebras: Algorithms and Applications for Sparse Polynomial Systems
  20. Pascal Giorgi, Bruno Grenet and Daniel Roche.
    Generic reductions for in-place polynomial multiplication
  21. Qiaolong Huang.
    Approaching Asymptotically Optimal Interpolation Algorithms over a Field with Large Characteristic or Characteristic Zero
  22. Luca De Feo, Hugues Randriambololona and Edouard Rousseau.
    Standard lattices of compatibly embedded finite fields
  23. Felipe Cucker, Alperen A. Ergür and Josue Tonelli-Cueto.
    Plantinga-Vegter algorithm takes average polynomial time
  24. Andrea Guidolin, Jose Divasón, Ana Romero and Francesco Vaccarino.
    Computing multipersistence by means of spectral systems
  25. Jie Wang, Haokun Li and Bican Xia.
    A New Sparse SOS Decomposition Algorithm Based on Term Sparsity
  26. Vladimir Gerdt and Daniel Robertz.
    Algorithmic approach to strong consistency analysis of finite difference approximations to PDE systems
  27. Yossef Musleh and Eric Schost.
    Computing the characteristic polynomial of a finite rank-two Drinfeld module
  28. Xavier Caruso, Tristan Vaccon and Thibaut Verron.
    Gröbner bases over Tate algebras
  29. Florent Bréhard, Mioara Joldes and Jean-Bernard Lasserre.
    On a moment problem with holonomic functions
  30. Gregory Reid, Zahra Mohammadi and S.-L. Tracy Huang.
    Introduction of the MapDE algorithm for mappings relating differential equations
  31. Mark Giesbrecht, Armin Jamshidpey and Éric Schost.
    Quadratic Probabilistic Algorithms for Normal Bases
  32. Mark Giesbrecht, Hui Huang, George Labahn and Eugene Zima.
    Efficient Integer-Linear Decomposition of Multivariate Polynomials
  33. Pierre Lairez, Marc Mezzarobba and Mohab Safey El Din.
    Computing the volume of compact semi-algebraic sets
  34. Stavros Birmpilis, George Labahn and Arne Storjohann.
    Deterministic reduction of integer nonsingular linear system solving to matrix multiplication
  35. Zhenbing Zeng, Lu Yang and Lydia Dehbi.
    On the Number of Congruent Classes of the Tetrahedra Determined by Given Volume, Circumradius and Face Areas
  36. Jianwei Li and Phong Q. Nguyen.
    Computing a Lattice Basis Revisited
  37. Anna Maria Bigatti, Eduardo Saenz-De-Cabezon and Jónatan Heras.
    Monomial resolutions for efficient computation of simplicial homology
  38. Grigoris Paouris, Kaitlyn Phillipson and J. Maurice Rojas.
    A Faster Solution to Smale's 17th Problem I: Real Binomial Systems
  39. Seung Gyu Hyun, Stephen Melczer, Éric Schost and Catherine St-Pierre.
    Change of basis for $\mathfrak{m}$-primary ideals in one and two variables
  40. Adam Kurpisz and Timo de Wolff.
    New Dependencies of Hierarchies in Polynomial Optimization
  41. Chee Yap and Juan Xu.
    Effective Subdivision Algorithm for Isolating Zeros of Real Systems of Equations, with Complexity Analysis
  42. Victor Magron, Henning Seidler and Timo de Wolff.
    Exact optimization via sums of nonnegative circuits and arithmetic-geometric-mean-exponentials
  43. Seung Gyu Hyun, Vincent Neiger and Éric Schost.
    Implementations of efficient univariate polynomial matrix algorithms and application to bivariate resultants
  44. Svyatoslav Covanov, Davood Mohajerani, Marc Moreno Maza and Lin-Xiao Wang.
    Big Prime Field FFT on Multi-core Processors

The accepted papers will be published in the ISSAC proceedings and archived in the ACM Digital Library.