Software Presentations

List of Accepted Software Presentations

  1. Nicole Sutherland. A demonstation of computing Galois groups of polynomials in Magma.
  2. Yue Ren. Computing tropical varieties using Newton polygon methods.
  3. Ruijuan Jing and Marc Moreno Maza. The Polyhedra library in Maple.
  4. Sardar Haque, Xin Li, Farnam Mansouri, Davood Mohajerani, Marc Moreno Maza and Wei Pan. CUMODP: A CUDA Library for Modular Polynomial Computation.
  5. Lars Kastner. Toric geometry in polymake.
  6. John Abbott and Anna Maria Bigatti. CoCoA-5.2.0 and CoCoALib.

The accepted poster/software abstracts will be printed and distributed at the conference as well as published in an upcoming issue of the ACM SIGSAM Communications in Computer Algebra (CCA).

An award will be presented to the best poster/software presentation.