Poster Presentations

List of Accepted Poster Presentations

  1. Isabel Bermejo, Eva García-Llorente, Ignacio Garcia Marco, and Marcel Morales. Noether resolutions in dimension 2.
  2. Ludovic Brieulle, Luca De Feo, Javad Doliskani, Jean-Pierre Flori, and Éric Schost. Computing isomorphisms and embeddings of finite fields.
  3. Majid Gazor, Amir Hashemi, and Mahsa Kazemi. Groebner bases and multi-dimensional persistent bifurcation diagram classifications.
  4. Seung Gyu Hyun, Vincent Neiger, Hamid Rahkooy, and Éric Schost. Sparse FGLM using the block Wiedemann algorithm.
  5. Ruijuan Jing and Marc Moreno Maza. Computing the integer points of a polyhedron.
  6. Jean Kieffer and Luca De Feo. Isogeny-based cryptography in Julia/Nemo: a case study.
  7. Alexey Kytmanov, Alexander Kytmanov, and Evgeniya Myshkina. On computing residue integrals for a class of nonlinear transcendental systems.
  8. Roberto La Scala and Sharwan Kumar Tiwari. Computing noncommutative Hilbert series.
  9. Florian Lauster, Russell Luke, and Matthew Tam. Symbolic computation with monotone operators.
  10. Chenqi Mou and Dongming Wang. On W-characteristic sets of lexicographic Groebner bases.
  11. Dai Numahata and Hiroshi Sekigawa. Robust algorithms for sparse interpolation of multivariate polynomials.
  12. Masaru Sanuki. Improvement of EZ-GCD algorithm based on extended Hensel construction.
  13. Nicole Sutherland. Computation of Geometric Galois groups and absolute factorizations.

The accepted poster/software abstracts will be printed and distributed at the conference as well as published in an upcoming issue of the ACM SIGSAM Communications in Computer Algebra (CCA).

An award will be presented to the best poster/software presentation.