Manuscript Preparation Instructions for ISSAC 2010


1. Date

Please remember that the deadline for the camera ready copy is *** May 6 ***

This is a firm deadline for the production of the proceedings. You should submit your paper using your EasyChair author account.

2. Page count

The page limit is 8 pages and is strict.

3. Document preparation

You MUST prepare your paper using the ACM SIG Proceedings "alternate" style. Templates for this style area available at the web site

The "alternate" style, which we are using, is Option 2. On this page you will also find a link for author guidelines that you should follow. Thus the beginning of your LaTeX file would look like


The proceedings is prepared on "letter" paper, which is a North American standard. If your tex distribution defaults to using another size, you can use the following to force the size:


If English is not your mother tongue, and if your paper has been marked as requiring language correction, you should make every effort to have someone very fluent in the language review your manuscript for quality of language.

You MUST provide classification categories and keywords within your paper. The possible categories may be found at

Finally, the camera ready file will be a PDF file. You MUST use Type 1 fonts (scalable), not Type 3 (bit-mapped). All fonts must be embedded within the PDF file.

4. Copyright information

There are three lines that you will need to fill in in your TeX file. These should look like

\conferenceinfo{ISSAC 2010,}{25--28 July 2010, Munich, Germany.}

One author will be required to fill in and sign the ACM copyright form, that we will provide shortly. Authors retain substantial rights, for example to reuse the work or post the papers on your websites.

The copyright form is located at

You will receive an E-mail from ACM about where to send the copyright form.

5. Uploading

You must upload your paper using Easychair. To do this, log in and select the role "proceedings author". Then you can select "submit a new version". You will then be able to upload the following two files:

and the source directory must have a command file "BUILDME" that, when run, rebuilds the paper from sources. This could be a .bat file for use on windows or a shell script for use on Unix.

If you are not familiar with writing shell scripts, then you can make the BUILDME file be some human readable text that explains the precise directions to rebuild your paper, and an explanation of what the input and output file names are.


The web site is now open for submission.