Accepted posters

  1. Approximate Real Root Certification using Exact Hermite Matrices
    Tulay Ayyildiz Akoglu, and Agnes Szanto
  2. Towards fast one-block quantifier elimination through generalised critical values
    Jérémy Berthomieu, Andrew Ferguson, and Mohab Safey El Din
  3. Optimal monomial quadratization for ODE systems
    Andrey Bychkov and Gleb Pogudin
  4. Sampling the feasible sets of SDPs and volume approximation (Distinguished poster.)
    Apostolos Chalkis, Vissarion Fisikopoulos, Panagiotis Repouskos, and Elias Tsigaridas
  5. Smooth Points on Semi-algebraic Sets
    Katherine Harris, Jonathan Hauenstein, and Agnes Szanto
  6. Exploiting Symmetry in the Power Flow Equations Using Monodromy
    Julia Lindberg, Nigel Boston, and Bernard C. Lesieutre
  7. Improved Divisor Arithmetic on Generic Hyperelliptic Curves
    Sebastian Lindner, Laurent Imbert, and Michael Jacobson
  8. A calculus for monomials in Chow group A^{n-3}(n)
    Jiayue Qi
  9. Algebraic Skeleton Transform: A symbolic computation challenge
    Duane Storti
  10. A Complexity Chasm for Sparse Solving Over p-adic Fields
    Yuyu Zhu and J. Maurice Rojas