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Preliminary program

The full program of the FCRC conference is available at timeline.pdf and also includes the list of the rooms.

Time Wed, June 8 Thur, June 9 Fri, June 10 Sat, June 11
8.00–8.40     Breakfast  
8.40–9.00 Opening Remarks    
9.00–9.50 Tutorials Resultant and Gröbner Bases Integration and Arithmetic Differential Systems Equation solving Interpolation and Factoring System Solving
9.50–10.30 Break Break / Poster session Break
10.30–11.20 Resultant and Gröbner Bases Integration and Arithmetic Differential Systems Equation solving Interpolation and Factoring System Solving
11.30–12.30 FCRC plenary talk FCRC plenary talk ISSAC Invited Talk: Gilles Villard
12.30–1.30   Lunch  
2.00–3.00 Software presentations and Poster session ISSAC Invited Talk: Victor Miller Gröbner Bases Applications
3.00–3.45 Linear Algebra Software and Geometry
3.45–4.00 Closing Remarks
4.00–4.20 Break  
4.20–5.00 Linear Algebra Software and Geometry  
6.00–6.30   Business Meetings  
7.00   ISSAC-SNC Joint Banquet    

Preliminary detailed program

Wednesday Tutorials
9.00 am A.Szanto. Hybrid symbolic-numeric methods for the solution of polynomial systems.
11.20 am Lunch
1.30 pm M.Kauers. The Concrete Tetrahedron.
3.50 pm Break
4.10 pm - 6.30 pm P.Bürgisser. Probabilistic Analysis of Condition Numbers.
Thursday morning Resultant and Gröbner Bases
Session chair: A. Szanto
Integration and Arithmetic
Session chair: H. Li
9.00 Wei Li, Xiao-Shan Gao and Chun-Ming Yuan. Sparse Differential Resultant. Jonathan Borwein, Armin Straub. Special Values of Generalized log-sine Integrals.
9.25 Angelos Mantzaflaris and Bernard Mourrain. Deflation and Certified Isolation of Singular Zeros of Polynomial Systems. Jacques-Arthur Weil, Ainhoa Aparicio-Monforte, Moulay Barkatou, Sergi Simon . Formal First Integrals Along Solutions of Differential Systems I.
9.50 Break
10.30 Jean-Charles Faugère, Chenqi Mou. Fast Algorithm for Change of Ordering of Zero-dimensional Gröbner Bases with Sparse Multiplication Matrices. Curtis Bright, Arne Storjohann. Vector Rational Number Reconstruction.
10.55 Daniel Cabarcas, Jintai Ding. Linear Algebra to Compute Syzygies and Groebner Bases. Alexey Pospelov. Fast Fourier Transforms over Poor Fields.
11.30 FCRC Plenary talk
Thursday afternoon Software Presentations
2.00 M. Joswig, A. Paffenholz. Defect polytopes and counter- examples with polymake.
2.25 J. A. De Loera, B. Dutra, M. Köppe, S. Moreinis, G. Pinto, J. Wu. Software for exact integration of polynomials over polyhedra.
2.50 F. Effenberger and J. Spreer. Simplicial blowups and discrete normal surfaces in simpcomp.
3.15 Ch. Chen, J. H. Davenport, F. Lemaire, M. Moreno Maza, B. Xia, R. Xiao, Y. Xie. Computing the real solutions of polynomial systems with the RegularChains library in Maple.
3.40 Poster session
4.10 A. Montes. Software for computing the Groebner cover of a parametric ideal.
4.35 J. van der Hoeven, G. Lecerf, B. Mourrain, P. Trebuchet, J. Berthomieu, D. N. Diatta, A. Mantzaflaris. Mathemagix: The quest of modularity and efficiency for symbolic and certified numeric computation.
5.00 Maplesoft presentation
Friday morning Differential Systems
Session chair: A. Tiwari
Equation Solving
Session chair: M. Safey El Din
9.00 Manuel Kauers, Carsten Schneider. A Refined Denominator Bounding Algorithm for Multivariate Linear Difference Equations. Andre Galligo, Daniel Bembe. Virtual Roots of a Real Polynomials and Fractional Derivatives
9.25 Tingting Fang, Mark van Hoeij. 2-descent for Second Order Linear Differential Equations. Adam Strzebonski, Elias Tsigaridas. Univariate Real Root Isolation in an Extension Field.
9.50 Poster session
10.30 Shaoshi Chen, Ruyong Feng, Guofeng Fu and Ziming Li. On the Structure of Compatible Rational Functions. Michael Kerber, Michael Sagraloff. Efficient Real Root Approximation.
10.55 Li Guo, William Sit and Ronghua Zhang. On Rota’s Problem for Linear Operators in Associative Algebras. Chee Yap, Michael Sagraloff. A Simple But Exact and Efficient Algorithm for Complex Root Isolation.
11.30 FCRC Plenary talk
Friday afternoon Linear Algebra
Session chair: M. Giesbrecht
Software and Geometry
Session chair: E. Tsigaridas
2.00 Invited Talk: Victor Miller. Computational Aspects of Elliptic Curves and Modular Forms.
Session chair: E. Volcheck.
3.00 Alessandra Bernardi, Pierre Comon, Bernard Mourrain, Jerome Brachat. Tensor Decomposition and Moment Matrices. Yue Li, Gabriel Dos Reis. An Automatic Parallelization Framework for Algebraic Computation Systems.
3.25 Victor Y. Pan, Guoliang Qian, Ai-Long Zheng. GCDs and AGCDS of Univariate Polynomials by Matrix Methods. Benjamin A. Burton. Detecting Genus in Vertex Links for the Fast Enumeration of 3-manifold Triangulations.
3.50 Break
4.20 Erich Kaltofen, Michael Nehring, B. David Saunders. Quadratic-time Certificates in Linear Algebra. Dustin Moody. Division Polynomials for Jacobi Quartic Curves.
4.45 Somit Gupta, Arne Storjohann. Computing Hermite Forms of Polynomial Matrices. Jeremy-Yrmeyahu Kaminski, Yann Sepulcre. Using Discriminant Curves to Recover a Surface of P4 From Two Generic Linear Projections.
5.10 B. David Saunders, David H. Wood, Bryan Youse. Symbolic-numeric Exact Rational Linear System Solution. Leilei Guo, Feng Liu. An Algorithm for Computing Set- Theoretic Generators of an Algebraic Variety.
5.35 Soumojit Sarkar, Arne Storjohann. Normalization of Row Reduced Polynomial Matrices. Hongbo Li, Ruiyong Sun, Shoubin Yao, Ge Li. Approximate Rational Solutions for Rational ODEs Defined on Discrete Differentiable Curves.
Saturday morning Interpolation and Factoring
Session chair: M. Monagan
System Solving
Session chair: A. Leykin
9.00 Erich Kaltofen and Michael Nehring. Supersparse black box rational function interpolation. Prabhanjan Ananth, Ambedkar Dukkipati. Border Basis Detection is NP- complete.
9.25 Mark Giesbrecht and Daniel Roche. Diversification improves interpolation. Ernst W. Mayr, Stephan Ritscher. Space-efficient Gröbner Basis Computation without Degree Bounds.
9.50 Break
10.30 Andrew Novocin, Mark van Hoeij, Jürgen Klüners. Generating Subfields. Changbo Chen, Marc Moreno Maza. Algorithms for Computing Triangular Decompositions of Polynomial Systems.
10.55 Andrew Novocin, William Hart, Mark van Hoeij. Practical Polynomial Factorization in Polynomial Time. Changbo Chen, James H. Davenport, Marc Moreno Maza, Bican Xia, Rong Xiao. Computing with Semi- Algebraic Sets Represented by Triangular Decomposition.
11.30 Invited Talk: Gilles Villard. Recent progress in linear algebra for lattice basis reduction.
Session chair: É. Schost
Saturday afternoon Gröbner Bases
Session chair: M. Moreno Maza
Session chair: J. Johnson
2.00 Deepak Kapur, Yao Sun, Dingkang Wang. Computing Comprehensive Gröbner Systems and Comprehensive Gröbner Bases Simultaneously. Zhikun She, Bai Xue, Zhiming Zheng. Algebraic Analysis on Asymptotic Stability of Continuous Dynamical Systems.
2.25 Kosaku Nagasaka. Computing a Structured Gröbner Basis Approximately. Thomas Sturm, Ashish Tiwari. Verification and Synthesis Using Real Quantifier Elimination.
2.50 Yao Sun, Dingkang Wang. A Generalized Criterion for Signature Related Gröbner Basis Algorithms. Yue Ma, Lihong Zhi. The Minimum-Rank Gram Matrix Completion via Fixed Point Continuation Method.
3.15 John Perry, Christian Eder. Signature-based Algorithms to Compute Groebner Bases. Aurélien Greuet, Mohab Safey El Din. On the Reachability the Infimum of an Unconstrained Global Optimization Problem and Real Equation Solving.
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