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List of accepted posters

Posters are ordered according to paper IDs used during the review process.

  1. Fatima K. Abu Salem. Parallel and Cache-efficient Hensel Lifting.
  2. Hiroshi Sekigawa and Kiyoshi Shirayanagi. Isolated Real Zero of a Real Polynomial System under Perturbation.
  3. Deepanjan Kesh and Shashank Mehta. A Saturation Algorithm for Homogeneous Binomial Ideals.
  4. Ratnik Gandhi and Samaresh Chatterji. Computing Equilibria with Group Actions.
  5. Christoph Zengler, Andreas Kübler and Wolfgang Küchlin. New Approaches to Boolean Quantifier Elimination.
  6. Christoph Zengler and Wolfgang Küchlin. Boolean Gröbner Bases in SAT Solving.
  7. Hiroshi Kai and Shigenobu Inoue. Cheater identification on a secret sharing scheme using GCD.
  8. Alin Bostan, Frédéric Chyzak, Ziming Li and Bruno Salvy. Fast computation of common left multiples of linear ordinary differential operators.
  9. Manuela Wiesinger-Widi. Groebner Bases and Generalized Sylvester Matrices.
  10. Clemens G. Raab. Integration in Finite Terms of non-Liouvillian Functions.
  11. Mark Boady, Pavel Grinfeld and Jeremy Johnson. A Symbolic Computation System for the Calculus of Moving Surfaces.
  12. Md. Nazrul Islam and Adrien Poteaux. Connectivity Queries on Space Curves.
  13. Christos Koukouvinos, Dimitris. E. Simos and Zafeirakis Zafeirakopoulos. An Algebraic Framework for Extending Orthogonal Designs.
  14. Hamid Rahkooy and Zafeirakis Zafeirakopoulos. Using Resultants for Inductive Groebner Bases Computation.
  15. Marc Moreno Maza and Paul Vrbik. Inverting Matrices Modulo Regular Chains.
  16. Yue Li and Gabriel Dos Reis. An Automatic Parallelization Framework for OpenAxiom.
  17. Marc Moreno Maza and Wei Pan. Solving Bivariate Polynomial Systems on a GPU.
  18. Muhammad F.I. Chowdhury and Romain Lebreton. Root lifting techniques and applications to list decoding.
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