Software Presentations


List of accepted software presentations

  • Joris van der Hoeven, Andrey Grozin, Massimiliano Gubinelli, Grégoire Lecerf, François Poulain and Denis Raux. GNU TEXMACS: a scientific editing platform
  • Alexander Konovalov. Parallel programming support in GAP
  • Roman Pearce and Michael Monagan. POLY: a new polynomial data structure for MAPLE
  • Anja Korporal, George Regensburger and Markus Rosenkranz. Symbolic computation for ordinary boundary problem in MAPLE
  • Xiaoyu Chen and Dongming Wang. GeoText: an intelligent dynamic geometric textbook
  • Flavia Stan, Moulay Barkatou and Eckhard Pflueghel. ISOLDE - A MAPLE package for linear functional equations
  • Guillaume Quintin. The DECODING library for list decoding
  • Eva GarciaLlorente and Isabel Bermejo. MONOMIALIDEAL.LIB