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Association for Computing Machinery - SIGSAM

Local information


The conference will be held in SAS Hall, the home of the mathematics department at NC State University.
See here for the location using Google Maps.


Raleigh is a large city with numerous accomodation options such as hotels or AirBnBs. The images below show two nearby hotels:
Aloft (about a 5 minute walk from campus) and Stateview Hotel (about 15 minutes.)

Getting to Raleigh

The closest airport is Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU). There are numerous direct daily flights to and from major US airports. Direct international routes are limited, but many connecting flights are available (Atlanta, Boston, New York, etc.)

Getting to NC State

NC State has summarized the options for traveling to and from the airport at this webpage. Most attendees will either take a taxi or a bus. Both of these options can be accessed from either of the airport's two terminals. A one-way taxi between the airport and campus will take about 20 minutes and cost about $35. The bus service operated by GoTriangle takes 50–60 minutes from airport to campus, following the routes RDU and 100. Current information about routes, timetables, and fares can be found at the GoTriangle website.